Giving Hope
Enriching Lives

Who We Are

GK Indonesia is a foundation established in 2011. It's VISION is to eradicate poverty and it's MISSION is to empower underprivileged communities via programs in Education, Health, Productivity, Infrastructure and Community Organizing. Through these programs, GK Indonesia builds cultured, productive and sustainable communities.

5 Pillars


  • Pre school
  • Scholarships from primary to high school
  • Extracurricular activities in sports, arts, character-building


  • Community clinics
  • Health seminars


  • Livelihood training
  • Setting up cooperatives

Housing & Infrastructure

  • Homes and communal facilities
  • Maintenance, cleanliness, greening of environment

Community Development and Values Formation

  • Child & Youth Development Programs
  • Community Organizing
  • Training and capacity building of coordinators/caretaker teams

Basic Values in a GK Community:

  • People of faith, with noble character and good values.
  • Value importance of education. Willing to learn and teach. Encouraging children to diligently attend school.
  • Hard-working and productive to become a self-sustainable community.
  • Sharing. Give care and be a blessing to others.
  • Capable of building and developing small and successful business.
  • Can collaborate with others in order to care for the community.
  • Train and mentor others to lead and care.

Management Board


Palgunadi Setiawan, Advisor

"In life, we all encounter stupidity, hypocrisy and poverty. We should bravely say that all three are not acceptable. That's why we commit ourselves to be the soldiers of God to fight these sins. We take less for ourselves so we can share more for others and there will be enough for all. That is what GK is all about."


Arif Rachmat, Chairman

"For quite sometime, I have always wanted to give something to the community. I believe that the purpose of one's life is not simply to enjoy it especially when you see around you so many disadvantaged people. I feel that the purpose of one's life is to be the best that you can be and that is by helping other people."


Suwani, Head of Operations

"When I first joined GK, I only heard about it's vision and mission of helping uplift the dignity of the poor. However, when I went into the GK community, I saw many of our brothers who need our helping hand. GK is very meaningful to us Muslims. Just like the saying in our Qur-an "khoirunnaas an fa'u linnaas" - what is best for men is for all of us to be brethren to one another and to do good for everyone. Based on the Qur-an sayings, I pray that GK will always be a mission that is like a prayer to God."


Tin Rachmat, Treasurer

"My husband and I want to give back to Indonesian society, where there is still a big portion of under-privileged people who need a lot of help. We believe in a wholistic model of community development so that lives can be transformed for the better. The children especially need a strong community life and good values and morals so they can grow and reach their potential."


Maria Cecilia Salta, Honorary Board Member

"I have been often asked why am I helping out in a foreign land. My reply? I have always thought that helping those who are in need is something that is part of our responsibility to a world we all live in, regardless of nationality, race, faith, culture. We are all brethren sharing the same world."

Our Partners