Empowering Communities
For Nation Building

What We Do

GK Indonesia is working in several communities in Jakarta and Bekasi and is collaborating with the Jakarta Government, private institutions, other foundations and stakeholders in the Rusunawa housing communities and in community parks (RPTRA's).

Government Partnership

GK is collaborating with the Jakarta government in the following Rusunawa sites:

Towers Families
Rusunawa Daan Mogot (RDM) 8 640
Rusunawa Jatinegara Barat (RJB) 2 514
Rusunawa Pinus Elok (RPE) 8 540
Rusunawa Cakung Barat (RCB) 4 300
Rusunawa Rawa Bebek (RRB) 14 750
Rusunawa Komarudin (RK) 6 650
Rusunawa Pulo Gebang (RPG) 8 650
Rusunawa Tipar Cakung (RTC) 10 1,000
Rusunawa KM2 (RKM) 2 70
Rusunawa Pondok Bambu (RPB) 2 152

The Rusunawas are low rent apartment complexes built by the Jakarta government for under-privileged families who are relocated from flood-prone areas in the city, such as in riverbanks and beside rail tracks, under the bridges and overpasses. GK is handling community empowerment programs while managing and coordinating various programs of the government, other foundations, private sector partners and other volunteers -in Education, Health, Infrastructure, Productivity.

The Jakarta government, in cooperation with the private companies, also builds RPTRAs, or family-friendly community parks. These parks run programs to benefit families and residents. The RPTRA's have various facilities such as pre-school learning center, sports facilities, playground, multi-purpose hall and library. As of October 2017, there are 292 RPTRA's in Jakarta.

Through it's involvement in the Task Force, GK assists the Jakarta government in the recruitment, training and capacity building of RPTRA caretaker teams.

GK Communities

GK is also taking care of communities in Mustikasari, Pekayon and Ciliwung in cooperation with private partners and other institutions.

Mustikasari-just like the Rusunawa-is a completely-built community with homes and complemented with various programs in health, education, productivity.

GK Mustikasari community consists of families who used to live in the Pekayon interchange where their homes are constantly flooded during the wet season. They now live in a clean and healthy environment which allows them to focus-and thereby improve-their livelihood while their children focus on their studies.

For the other sites, GK is running programs in education & health but no homes have been built yet in view of issues with the land.