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Youth Initiatives (GEKKO Indonesia)

A youth movement initiative supporting the principles, goals and programs of GK Indonesia. It aims to provide sustainable income, education and jobs to impoverished communities during the pandemic and beyond.

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The GK Internship Program is open for a summer, a semester or a year and serves youth from the ages of 14 to 21 who are eager to discover Indonesia beyond it’s city lights, shopping malls and fast moving cars. The GK Internship Program exposes young curious minds to those who have lived their lives in unimaginable and harsh situations. These GK sites house Indonesians whose lives have been wrecked by severe poverty.

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Volunteerism and Partnerships

GK Indonesia works with volunteers from all ages and all sectors. The foundation believes there is no one too young or too poor not to be able to help in its work of building and developing communities. GK Indonesia works on the principle of volunteerism, rather than mere dole-out actions, encouraging individuals and corporations to take on more active support for the various programs. The volunteer support could be as simple as teaching children creative activities once a month to undertaking resource-generating and partnership-building activities such as photo exhibits or even building an entire community. GK Indonesia works with volunteers from the GK communities itself ; these volunteers become community leaders and facilitators of the community-based programs.

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Gerbang Muda

The Youth Awakening Movement (GERBANG MUDA) in the communities is a wholistic program to develop and empower the youth in the communities so that they become responsible and productive citizens and potential leaders in their future environment (community, workplace, country). The program is in support to the Indonesian government program of moulding the young generation to love their homeland. Gerbang Muda was launched on July 2017.

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