"Addressing Poverty in Indonesia by
Empowering Communities"

Vision & Mission

GK (Gerakan Kepedulian) Indonesia seeks to build and develop communities that foster cultured, productive and self-sustaining families to become the future of Indonesia. It aims to be a leading institution that facilitates the empowerment of communities.



Underprivileged families live in squalid conditions-under the bridges and overpasses, on the riverbanks and beside the rail tracks, and are exposed to pollution, flooding and other unhealthy elements.



GK Indonesia is currently working with 59+ communities in and around the Jakarta area.

"My passion is with underprivileged children and the only thing I need to do is to visualize these children as my own and if you ask yourself what is the difference between these underprivileged children and your own? To me the answer is-there's no difference. And I felt that GK has really helped answer how I can improve the lives of these children. The idea is if you want to change their lives, you must change the environment in which they are growing up, so their families and community."

- Arif Rachmat, Chairman of the Board, GK Indonesia -