GK Club

The GK High School Club in Jakarta Intercultural School (JIS) collaborates with the GK foundation to help build and improve communities around Jakarta. The club is a group of students who are passionate in helping underprivileged families in EDUCATION, HEALTH, PRODUCTIVITY, INFRASTRUCTURE and COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT. The club works with four different GK communities around the Jakarta area. Since its inception in 2005, the club has also been supporting the education of promising youth in these communities by sponsoring at least 10 scholarships annually.

A middle school-based GK club at JIS was also formed in 2013. The aim of the MS GK Club is to foster friendships between the JIS students and the children in the GK communities through creative and sports-related activities. Through the friendships, there is empowerment for both the JIS students and the GK children. The JIS students learn the value of sharing and giving as part of being global responsible citizens; the GK children learn skills and values such as team work, discipline, focus and confidence.