GK Singapore Visit GK Indonesia Communities

19 Aug 2015

Jorge Sabado GK Singapore (In Black Shirt) with GK Cisadane Residents By Jorge Sabado (GK Singapore General Manager)

We were invited by UBS for their Philanthropy compass launch in Jakarta to share about the GK way and our model for sustainable development as being done in the Philippines. Not known to many, GK has been working in Indonesia as early as 2005. I decided to extend a couple of days to visit our rusunawa which is done in collaboration with the Jakarta government. I also made sure I get to visit our first village, GK Cisadane.

Our work with GK Cisadane doesn't stop after they have their homes. I thought of visiting there to let them know that they are part of our GK family. So, I went there wanting to do exactly that. Except there's one problem: I don't speak Bahasa. Nonetheless, I went. I spent time with them. Looked at their handicrafts. Smiled at the kids. Visited the houses. Took photos. And there was no need for a translator.

I left with a gladness in my heart knowing that the same GK spirit of caring can connect our hearts despite the language barrier. And those warm smiles, will always be remembered across the borders.